HALL AGGREGATE – Carolyn Johnson


GRAIN &WOOL MARQUEE AGGREGATE – Lucernbrae Proprietors



Winner – Jodie Wegener

Equal Second – Nikita H & Carolyn Smith


Winner – Mosaics N More


Winner – Produce, Convenor Liz Frahn. Stewards Rose Ashton & Vicki Jaensch.


Family pass to the 2019 Callington Show won by – Brianna McAvaney



Aggregate –Natasha McLoughlin

Open Grand Champion – Catherine Gibbons

Junior Grand Champion – Kelly S

Open Art Champion – Catherine Gibbons

Intermediate Champion (17-19 Years) – Jessica W

Junior Champion (14-16 Years) –Kade M

Junior Champion (11-13 years) –Chelsea W

Junior Champion (8- 10 years) –Kelly S

Junior Champion (5 -7 years) –Erin B

Junior Champion (4 years and under) – CJ B

Special Needs Champion – Bill C


Aggregate –Michelle Berkin

Open Grand Champion –Jess Barolo

Junior Grand Champion –Josiah M

Judges Encouragement Award (Open) – Joe Jones

Judges Encouragement Award (Junior) – Jasmine G

Open Champion – Stuart Daddow

Happy Snapper Colour Champion – Michelle Berkin

Local Section Champion – Jess Barolo

Junior Champion (13-16 Years) – Anita G

Junior Champion (12 years and under) – Josiah M

Champion Special Needs – Lynden Farley

Judge commented that there was an excellent display. Some very talented junior photographers on the way. The revamped schedule was well received and will continue next year.


Open Aggregate – Carolyn Johnson

Open Grand Champion – Carolyn Johnson, Jubilee Cake

Junior Aggregate – Elsie J

Junior Grand Champion – Shelby P, butterfly cakes

Sponge & Fancy Cooking Champion – – Carolyn Johnson, decorated pavlova

Champion Cakes and Fruit Cakes – Carolyn Johnson, Jubilee cake

Pastries, Bread, Buns & Scones Champion – Barb Smithies, pizza scrolls

Special Needs Champion – Anne, iced packet cake

Junior Champion (13-16 Years) –Shelby P, butterfly cakes

Junior Champion (8 – 12 years) – Sophie F, iced packet cake

Junior Champion (5 -7 Years) – Zara N, decorated biscuits

Junior Champion (4 Years and under) – Matilda G, decorated biscuits

Laucke CWA Scone mix (Savory) – Carolyn Johnson

Second Judy Paech

Third Liz Garnder

Open Decorative Cake Champion – Deb Mitchell

Junior Decorative Cake Champion – Maddison C

Champion Decorative Baking Individual/Family Group –Cortni P, gingerbread house

Open Judge was pleased with the great display and variety of entries. Congratulations to all exhibitors, especially new exhibitors.

Junior Judge said it was great to see young exhibitors putting in effort and giving things a go.


Open Aggregate –Thelma Pfeiffer

Open Grand Champion – Thelma Pfeiffer, larkspur

Junior Grand Champion – Esther M, rose

Aggregate Junior – Harry F

Open Champion Rose – Christine Wilkes

Open Champion Bulbous – Carole Hodgins, bearded iris

Open Cut Flowers Champion – Thelma Pfeiffer, larkspur

Junior Cut Flowers Champion (16 Years and under) Esther M, rose

Judge’s comments – a great number of entries considering the lack of rain. Quality of entries in most cases was very good. Exhibitors are reminded to read the schedule and abide by it, particularly in relation to staging.


Aggregate – Marie Fendler

Grand Champion – Myra Heinjus, best hanging basket

Open Champion – Myra Heinjus

Junior Champion – Amy van H, pot plant in bloom

Special Needs Champion – No entries

Judge’s comments –


Aggregate – Wendy Osborn

Grand Champion – Wendy Osborn, embroidery/tapestry – any other – embroidered sewing box

Needlework Champion – Sharon Stephens, machine sewn bag

Embroidery/Tapestry Champion – Wendy Osborn, embroidered sewing box

Crochet & Knitting Champion – Lisa Kokegei, crochet any other

Paper Champion – Carole Hodgins, handmade card with handmade embellishments

Beads Champion –Lauren Salter, embellished article

Plastic, Wood & Metal Work Champion – Daniel Davis, recycled metal art

Craft Champion –Jessica Williams, leatherwork

Over 70’s Champion– Audrey Kramer, tapestry/cross stitch

Special Needs Champion – Maude O’Toole, jewellery

Judge’s Comments – a wide range of exhibits and skills displayed. Especially impressed by the Grand Champion embroidered house.


Aggregate –Lauren van H

Grand Champion – Lauren van H, wooden carousel

12 – 16 years Champion – Lauren van H, wooden carousel

7 – 11 years Champion – Kelly S, sewing

6 years and under Champion – Jasmine S, item made from recycled resources

Judge’s Comments – the quality of entries from all ages was very hard to judge. Very talented children. Excellent work from all entrants.


Special needs  – Caleb B

Junior 12 -16 years – Cortni P

11 year old – Holly C

10 year old – Lucy McA

9 year old – Camryn B

8 year old – Alanna G

7 year old – Erin B

6 year old – Stella F

5 year old – Elly B

4 year old – Jack McA

3 year old – Matilda G

2 year old – Ollie V


Aggregate –Chris Russack

Open Grand Champion – Chris Russack, poem

Junior Grand Champions – Chelsea W

Open Champion– Chelsea W, short story about the Callington Show

Junior Champion (13-16 years) – Chelsea W, story about the Callington Show

Champion Junior (9 – 12 years) – Jasmine G, poem

Champion Junior (6 -8 years) – Erin B, poem


Boys 4 years and under – Jack McA

Girls 4 years and under – no entries

Boys 5 to 6 years –Nico M

Girls 5 to 6 years – Zara N

Boys 7 to 9 years – Louis M

Girls 7 to 9 years – Layla C

Boys 10 to 12 years –Dylan W

Girls 10 to 12 years – Holly C

Boys Kit –Tom M

Girls Kit – Esther M

Special Needs – no entries

Open Age – Amy B

Combined Effort – Austin W

Champion Girl – Holly C

Champion Boy – Louis M

Judge commented that all entries were very good and showed effort from all participants. Maybe add a 20+ age group section next year.


Champion Bird of Show – Hall Family, OEG Blue Red Male

Reserve Champion Bird – Fix Family, Langshan Male

Champion Junior Bird under 16 – Jordyn R

Champion Junior Bird under 10 – Brodie F, Langshan Male

Aggregate for most points in Poultry -Hall Family

Junior Aggregate – Tylar F

Champion Heavy Breed Male – Brodie F, Langshan Male

Champion Heavy Breed Female – Matilda S, Australorp Female

Champion Light Breed Male – Hall family, OEG Blue/Red Male

Champion Light Breed Female – Hall family, OEG Blue/Red Female

Champion Hard Feather Bantam Male – Hall Family, OEG Black Male

Champion Hard Feather Bantam Female – Hall Family, OEG Duckwing Female

Champion Soft Feather Bantam Male – Hall Family, Rhode Island male

Champion Soft Feather Bantam Female –Hall Family, Sussex female

Champion Water Fowl Male – Fix Family, Elizabeth Drake

Champion Water Fowl Female – Fix Family, Indian Runner white duck

Champion Turkey – Fix Family, bronze gobbler

Champion Large Fowl under 16 – Jordyn R

Champion Large Fowl under 10 – Brodie F

Champion Hard Feather Bantam under 10 – Tylar F

Champion Soft Feather Bantam under 10 – Tylar F

Champion Water Fowl under 10 – Brodie F

Champion Cross Bred under 10 – Lucia G

Judges’ Comments – a good variety of birds shown. All in all a well run day with exhibitors generally taking pride in the fowls and the showing of them.


AggregateColin & Merle Rawlins

Open Grand Champion –Dianne Czechowski, passionfruit butter

Junior Grand champion – Lucy McA, carrots

Open Eggs Champion – Colin & Merle Rawlins, white hen eggs

Open Vegetables Champion –Colin & Merle Rawlins, green peas

Open Fruit Champion – Colin & Merle Rawlins, three oranges

Open Jams, Marmalades & Spreads Champion – Dianne Czechowski, passionfruit butter

Open Pickle & Preserves Champion – Liz Frahn, tomato sauce

Junior eggs Champion –Amy van H

Junior Produce Champion– Lucy McA, carrots

Special Needs Champion – John de B, vegetable any variety

Best made face from fruit or vegetables under 4 years – Matilda G

Best made face from fruit or vegetables 5 to 7 years – Zara N

Best made face from fruit or vegetables 8 to 12 years – Lawson McK

Judge’s Comments – great flavour in a jar of passionfruit butter made it a standout Grand Champion. The section was nicely displayed and organised.


Grand Champion –Abigail G, miniature fairy garden

Scarecrows champion – Monica T

Garden/outdoor ornaments champion – Monica T, recycled material

Open Hats Open Champion – Monica T, decorated farm hat

Junior Farm Hats Champion – Jasmine S

Open Boots Champion – Linda C

Junior Boots Champion –Jasmine S

Miniature Garden 12 years & under – Abigail G

Judges comments – a very well presented display. A lot of creativity shown in the entries. Don’t throw anything away – it could be a winning show entry one day.


Aggregate – Inglebrae Holdings

Grand Champion – Lucernbrae Props, hay

Cereals – Inglebrae Holdings, barley

Small Seeds & Pulses – Mark Jaensch, canola

Pre Harvest – Colrae Farms, canola

Hay Champion – Lucernbrae Props

Judges’ Comments – congratulations to all of the exhibitors on the high quality of entries, considering the extremely dry season. The majority of the samples looked like they were grown in a normal average season, not the dry season we have had, which shows that the exhibitors have adopted the latest farming techniques and capitalised on every opportunity.


Aggregate – Lucernbrae Props

Grand Champion –Inglebrae Holdings

Merino Champion – Inglebrae Holdings

Lamb’s Wool Champion – Lucernbrae Props

Any other Breed Champion– Catherine Gibbons

Coloured Wool Champion – Lauren van H

Prem Shorn – Lucernbrae Props

Junior under 16 – Memphis L


Grand Champion Garden –Raelene Wegener

Champion Small or Cottage Garden – Sandy & Derek Wolff

Champion Overall Front/Back Garden – Raelene Wegener

Champion Young Garden –Peggy Moyes

Champion outdoor living area/individual feature – Deb Thompson

Champion Large Acreage/ rural Garden –Tracey Harvey

Champion Water Wise garden – Harry Seager

Champion Productive Home Garden – Carole & Rex Hodgins

Champion Native Garden – Gary &Lou Duncan

Champion Most Improved from 2017 – Margie Dunn

Any other – Natalie Rainsford

Encouragement Award – Mandy Dolman

Judge’s Comments – all categories were hotly contested and I was very impressed with the standard of gardens, especially the number of water wise gardens.


CHAMPION SHOW GALLOWAY HACK – Chris L on Kolbeach Sunrise

RESERVE SHOW GALLOWAY HACK – Jess B on Kings Ransom of Cooradee

CHAMPION SHOW HACK OVER 15 hh – C &V Lawrie on Royal

RESERVE SHOW HACK OVER 15 hh– Robyn M on Aloha Rembrandt

CHAMPION SHOW PONY NE 12.2 hh – Catherine G on Nowington Tinkerbelle

RESERVE SHOW PONY NE 12.2 hh – Jett D on Ferdyn Park Hilton

CHAMPION PONY OVER 12.2 NE 14hh – Jen E on Wakefield All Class

RESERVE CHAMPION PONY OVER 12.2 NE 14hh – Steph R on Donlea Provincial

CHAMPION SHETLAND NE 10.2 hh Jett D on Ferdyn Park HIlton

RESERVE CHAMPION SHETLAND NE 10.2 hh – Melissa H on Coverdale Remarkable

CHAMPION SHOW HUNTER PONY ne 12.2 hh Melissa H Rivington Ture Loyalty


RESERVE SHOW HUNTER OVER 15HH – Airlie P on Ascension

CHAMPION SHOW HUNTER GALLOWAY – Jess B on Sanlirra Quotation


It was good to see an increase in the horse section due to the expansion of two hack rings.


Novice Long Reining First – Angus, driven by Shaye C

                              Second – Jet, driven by Russell M

                              Third – Jack, driven by Kerry Anne M

Open Long Reining First – Molly, driven by Katrina E

                              Second – Lizzy, driven by David K

                              Third – Jet, driven by Russell M

Log Snigging First – Molly, driven by Katrina E

                              Second – Henry, driven by Shaye C

                              Third – Lizzie, driven by David K

UTES – 25 entries

Grand Champion – Jacob Schack, 1978 FJ45 Toyota Landcruiser

Best Holden –  Kevin Ratsch, 1964 EH

Best Ford – Joe Geue 1965 XP Falcon

Best Other Make – Jacob Schack, 1978 FJ45 Toyota Landcruiser

Best B & S Styled – Raymond Craven, VS Holden Commodore

Best Feral – James McNeil, VU Holden Commodore

Best Chicks – Vanessa Thomas, 2003 VY Holden Commodore

Best Street – Brandon Marston, XB Ford Falcon

Best Classic – Joe Geue 1965 XP Falcon

Best Themed – Vanessa Thomas, 2003 VY Holden Commodore

Most Lights – Adam Winsall, VS Holden Commodore

Most Flags – Adam Winsall, VS Holden Commodore

Most Stickers – Adam Winsall, VS Holden Commodore

Most Aerials – Adam Winsall, VS Holden Commodore

Best Bull Bar – Raymond Craven, VS Holden Commodore

Cleanest Ute –Brandon Marston, XB Ford Falcon

Dirtiest Ute – James McNeil, VU Holden Commodore



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