Despite a gusty windy day many people still came to the Callington show with record gate takings. The show was officially opened by media personality Amanda Blair in conjunction with the firing of the 1860’s replica cannon. Although exhibits were slightly down from last year, the show hall contained a good display of exhibits and prizes were keenly contested. The Gymnastics display enthralled the crowd. Other new events for this year such as the Blacksmiths’ working display and the Hobby Tent featured a variety of different skills. The cultural dance and drumming festival kept the crowds entertained all day. Circus skills were learnt by young and old. The Grain tent was popular as always with the poultry competition being move into a new location. Sheep dogs demonstrated their sheep mustering skills and the Wool tent contained the Milang Fibre Group, a weaver and alpaca fleeces. Unfortunately, the sky divers and hot air balloon had to be cancelled due to the weather.

Support from local groups like the school, kindy, mainly music group, football and cricket clubs, Monarto and Callington CFS, car park attendants and gate keepers and many individual volunteers has been very much appreciated by the show committee.

Judy Paech (Secretary)



HALL AGGREGATE – Carolyn Johnson


GRAIN &WOOL MARQUEE AGGREGATE – Lucernbrae Proprietors

BEST PRESENTED SECTION – Handicrafts (Patricia Sims)




Aggregate –Jasmine S.

Open Grand Champion – Graham Darlington

Junior Grand Champion – Maycie D.

Open Art Champion – Graham Darlington

Intermediate Champion (17-19 Years) – (no entries)

Junior Champion (14-16 Years) –Cooper G.

Junior Champion (11-13 years) –Maycie D.

Junior Champion (8- 10 years) –Kelly S.

Junior Champion (5 -7 years) –Jasmine S.

Junior Champion (under 5) – Vanessa B.

Special Needs Champion – Kristy P.

Judge was envious of the clever pieces entered and the scope of the entries which were spread over the many genres.


Aggregate –Stuart Daddow

Open Grand Champion –Janine Robertson

Junior Grand Champion –Shamalie P.

Open Colour Champion –Janine Robertson

Open Black & White Champion – Janine Robertson

Happy Snapper Colour Champion – Sue Rogan

Happy Snapper Black & White Champion – Faye Gommers

Local Section Champion – Tanya Mikhail

Junior Champion (13-16 Years) – Finn C.

Junior Champion (12 years and under) – Shamalie P.

Champion Special Needs – Lynden F.

Judge commented that entries were down, but quality was exceptional, especially from the juniors.


Open Aggregate – Carolyn Johnson

Open Grand Champion – Carolyn Johnson, ribbon layer cake

Junior Aggregate – Elsie J.

Junior Grand Champion – Anita G., banana cake

Sponge & Fancy Cooking Champion – – Carolyn Johnson, ribbon layer cake

Champion Cakes and Fruit Cakes – Carolyn Johnson, light fruit cake

Pastries, Bread, Buns & Scones Champion – Frances Patterson, quiche

Special Needs Champion – Siobhan A, packet cake

Junior Champion (13-16 Years) –Anita G., banana cake

Junior Champion (8 – 12 years) – Holly C., breakfast tray

Junior Champion (5 -7 Years) – Memphis L., packet cake

Junior Champion (4 Years and under) – Vanessa B., 5 Anzac biscuits

Laucke CWA Scone mix (Sweet) – Judy Paech

Open Decorative Cake Champion – Casey Barnett, 6 decorated cupcakes

Junior Decorative Cake Champion – Lucy M., cake for child’s birthday

Champion Decorative Baking Individual/Family Group –Janet Lambert, gingerbread house

Judge comments were that there was a good range of classes and overall the standard was good.


Open Aggregate –Dianne Kendall

Open Grand Champion – Connie Launer, bearded iris

Junior Grand Champion – Shelby P., flowering native

Aggregate Junior – Josiah M.

Open Champion Rose – Dianne Kendall

Open Champion Bulbous – Connie Launer, bearded iris

Open Cut Flowers Champion – Myra Heinjus, any other flower

Junior Cut Flowers Champion (16 Years and under) Shelby P., flowering native

Judge’s comments – it was a pleasure to judge the good number of well-presented entries. The staging of exhibits needs to be addressed in some cases.


Aggregate – Marie Fendler

Grand Champion – Myra Heinjus, best hanging basket

Open Champion – Myra Heinjus

Junior Champion – Amy van H., novelty container

Special Needs Champion – Hills Community Options

Judge’s comments – good number of exhibits considering the weather. Exhibitors need to ensure they enter in the correct section. A plant doesn’t mean 2 plants in the one container.


Aggregate – Susan Mahony

Grand Champion – Wendy Osborne, stumpwork or dimensional embroidery

Needlework Champion – Denise Frahn, hand sewn item

Embroidery/Tapestry Champion – Wendy Osborne, stumpwork or dimensional embroidery

Crochet & Knitting Champion – Susan Mahony, crochet rug or blanket

Paper Champion – Linda Marich, handmade Christmas card

Beads Champion –Wendy Osborne, Beaded article

Plastic, Wood & Metal Work Champion – Ray Rattray, timber art

Judge, John Wittwer appreciated the excellent standard of work that had been prepared

Craft Champion –Joe Williams, any other craft

Over 70’s Champion– Annamie Brookes, tapestry / cross stitch

Special Needs Champion – John DeBono

Judge’s Comments – quality and standard were very high making it hard to pick a 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Please make sure that when you enter your work, it is in the best category for your work.


Aggregate –Lauren van H.

Grand Champion – Maddison C., sewing article

12 – 16 years Champion – Maddison C., sewing article

7 – 11 years Champion – Jasmine G., decorated article

6 years and under Champion – Jasmine S., any other article

Judge’s Comments – variety of entries was very good and of high standard; very impressed.


Open – Liz H.

Junior 12 -16 years – Katherine T.

Junior 8- 11 years – Cortni P.

Junior 5- 7 years –Erin B.

Junior 4 years and under –Nicolas M.


Aggregate –Chris Russack, Open

Grand Champion – Chris Russack, poem

Junior Grand Champions – Jasmine G., fantasy story

Open Champion– Chris Russack, poem

Junior Champion (13-16 years) – Sarah L., story any subject

Champion Junior (9 – 12 years) – Jasmine G., fantasy story

Champion Junior (6 -8 years) – Erin B., story any subject

Special Needs – Vanessa B., Poem any theme

Judges’ comments – lots of high standard entries, especially in the 9-12 section. Overall, many entries showed a great use of language, expression and imagination.


Boys 4 years and under – Nicolas M.

Girls 4 years and under –  Zara N.

Boys 5 to 6 years –Louis M.

Girls 5 to 6 years – Olivia M.

Boys 7 to 9 years – Lachlan H.

Girls 7 to 9 years – Memphis L.

Boys 10 to 12 years –Blade D.

Girls 10 to 12 years – Annamie T.

Boys Kit –Tom M.

Girls Kit s – Elsie J.

Special Needs – Hudson L.

Open Age – Tom M.

Combined Effort – Samuel W.

Champion Girl – Annamie T.

Champion Boy – Lachlan H.

Judge commented on the increased number of entries in the younger classes. Construction style kit entries are always popular, but great to see the children entering more creative style entries.


Champion Bird of Show – Hall Family, OEG Black Red Male

Reserve Champion Bird – Hall Family, Langshan female

Champion Junior Bird under 16 – Georgi S., Soft Feather Bantam female

Champion Junior Bird under 10 – Elsie J., Modern Game male

Aggregate for most points in Poultry -Hall Family

Champion Heavy Breed Male – Hall Family, Langshan Male

Champion Heavy Breed Female – Hall Family, Langshan Female

Champion Light Breed Male – Hall family, OEG Bl/Red Male

Champion Light Breed Female – Lief Ferguson & Liz Kelsey, Leghorn White Female

Champion Hard Feather Bantam Male – Hall Family, OEG Duckwing Male

Champion Hard Feather Bantam Female – Hall Family, OEG Duckwing Male

Champion Soft Feather Bantam Male – Ricky Watson, Langshan Male

Champion Soft Feather Bantam Female -Ricky Watson, Langshan female

Champion Water Fowl Male – Danmalee Poultry, Mallard drake

Champion Water Fowl Female – Danmalee Poultry, Mallard duck

Champion Large Fowl under 16 – Charlotte M., Pile Hen

Champion Large Fowl under 10 – Lucy M., Wheaton Hen

Champion Soft Feather Bantam under 16 – Georgi S., Wyandotte Male

Champion Hard Feather Bantam under 10 – Elise J., Modern Game Male

Champion Soft Feather Bantam under 10 – Elise J., Plymouth Rock Male

Judges’ Comments – there was a good number of fowls shown in good condition for this time of the year. The Champion Bird and Reserve Champion were quality birds.


AggregateColin & Merle Rawlins

Open Grand Champion –Irene Noakes, plum jam

Junior Grand champion – Olivia M., chard silverbeet

Open Eggs Champion – Russell Wotton, 6 hen eggs brown

Open Vegetables Champion –Colin & Merle Rawlins, asparagus

Open Fruit Champion – Colin & Merle Rawlins, strawberries

Open Jams, Marmalades & Spreads Champion – Irene Noakes, plum jam

Open Pickle & Preserves Champion – Liz Frahn, tomato sauce

Junior eggs Champion –Grace D., 3 hen eggs one colour

Junior Produce Champion– Olivia M., chard silverbeet

Special Needs Champion – Scott J, silverbeet

Best made face from fruit or vegetables under 4 years – Zara N.

Best made face from fruit or vegetables 5 to 7 years – Beatrix M.

Judge’s Comments – The Grand Champion is a very good example of plum jam which is easy to overlook, very good flavour.


Grand Champion –Linda Castle any scarecrow

Scarecrows champion – Linda Castle

Garden/outdoor ornaments – Moncia Turner

Open Hats Open Champion – Monica Turner

Junior Farm Hats Champion – Kelly S.

Open Boots Champion – Clive Wundersitz, most worn boots

Junior Boots Champion –Cortni P.


Aggregate –Colrae Farms

Grand Champion – Colrae Farms, pre-harvest wheat

Pre-Harvest Champion – Colrae Farms, wheat

Hay Champion – Colrae Farms, vetch hay

Judges’ Comments – A very impressive selection of samples considering the dry tough finish that the crops have endured.


Aggregate – Lucernbrae Props

Grand Champion –Inglebrae Holdings

Merino Champion – Lucernbrae Props

Lamb’s Wool Champion – Colrae Farms

Any other Breed Champion– Catherine Gibbons

Coloured Wool Champion – Amy van Hoof

Prem Shorn – GA & CR Johnson

Junior under 16 – James T.

Judge’s Comments – Entries were well presented, represented the season and regional area of Callington


Grand Champion Garden – Debbie Thompson

Champion Small or Cottage Garden – Natalie Rainsford

Champion Overall Front/Back Garden – Cathy Roberts

Champion Young Garden –Dee Lock

Champion outdoor living area/individual feature – Tina

Champion Large Acreage/ rural Garden – Melissa Wegener

Champion Water Wise garden – Tess & Ed

Champion Productive Home Garden – Deb Thompson

Champion Native Garden – Rose Ashton

Champion Most Improved from 2016 – Colin Daddow

Any other –  Harry Seager

Judge’s Comments – all categories were hotly contested and I was very impressed with the standard of gardens, especially the number of water wise gardens.


No results available


No results available


Smartest on parade – Leanne Christie on Jinabyne

Led Bending Pole – Helen Robertson on Snowden

Led Obstacle– Helen Robertson with Snowden

Open Rider – Leanne Christie – Jinabyne

Milk Carton Pegging – Leanne Christie with Jindabyne & Lisa

Sack Race  Leanne Christie with Jindabyne & Lisa

Free Handler – Leanne Christie with Jindabyne & Lisa

High Jump – Leanne Christie with Jindabyne & Lisa

Ridden Obstacle Leanne Christie with Jindabyne & Lisa

Judge’s Comments – A successful day for donkey’s and riders despite the rough weather with a large number of spectators.

UTES  – 24 entries

Grand Champion – Daniel Rose HZ Holden

Best Holden –  Daniel Rose HZ Holden

Best Ford – Joe Geue XP Falcon

Best Other Make – Peter Ware 1967 Volkswagon

Best B & S Styled – Redgy Ellard – VZ Holden Storm

Best Feral – Alan Bateman – Beford

Best Chicks – Karen Franks – VS Holden

Best Street – Shannon Barlow VE SS Commodore

Best Classic – Joe Geue XP Falcon

Best Themed – Karen Franks VS Holden


Most Lights – James Bailie – BA Falcon

Most Flags – Nathan Godlman XG Falcon

Most Stickers – Joe & Mark Williams Suzuki

Most Aerials – Lance Britten-Jones VZ Holden Crewman

Best Bull Bar – Trevor Holman AU Series 3 Falcon

Cleanest Ute –Peter Ware -1967Volkswagon

Dirtiest Ute – Samantha Sloan BF XR8 Falcon


David Clegg won the Fujiflim Instax camera, $50 to Linda Castle, $50 to Lydia Mitchell.


 Thank you and congratulations to everyone who entered.


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